How To Know If A Truck Accident Was Caused By A Fatigued Driver

If you were injured in a truck accident, there's a good chance that it was caused by the driver being too tired to drive. If you can prove a truck driver was fatigued, you can win your truck accident case. Here's how you can prove it.

The Driver Might Admit It

It's fairly common for truck drivers to straight up admit that they were too tired to be driving. Being tired can keep people from thinking clearly, so it's not surprising that someone who is tired would say something that might hurt a legal case against them.

In addition, many truck drivers don't have a good understanding of what it means to be legally responsible for an accident. They might think that being tired is really a good excuse because the alternative is that they're just a bad driver. In addition, truck drivers are often tired because they're pressured to keep going by the trucking company not because they want to keep going.

Pay close attention to any comments the truck driver makes about being too tired or working too much. One of those comments could help your truck accident lawyer win your case.

How the Accident Happened

How the accident happened can also suggest whether the truck driver was fatigued. Tired drivers often drift into other lanes or fail to realize that traffic ahead is slowed or stopped.

Sometimes, you might not even think to check whether the driver was fatigued because how the accident happened would suggest fault anyway. For example, a rear-end collision is almost always the fault of the driver in the rear whether or not that driver was tired.

However, finding out the driver was fatigued can help in situations where the truck driver says something different happened. For example, the truck driver might say that he only hit you because you suddenly pulled out in front of him.

The Truck Driver's Logs

Truck drivers are required by law to keep detailed logs. These logs show things like how long they were driving for, when they took breaks, and how many hours they had in between shifts.

Truck drivers also have very strict rules on how long they can work and how much rest they need to get. Not following these rules can make them at fault for an accident as a fatigued driver.

Your truck accident lawyer can subpoena the records from the trucking company to show whether the truck driver was fatigued. For more information, contact a truck accident attorney near you.

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