Don't Let These 3 Common Excuses Stop You From Contacting A Car Accident Lawyer

There are many different reasons why a person may choose to try and settle their car accident claim without the help of a car accident lawyer. However, there are three excuses that are common. The main problem with these excuses is that they are based on myths rather than facts. Taking a moment to learn the facts behind these myth-based excuses can help to ensure you do not make the same mistake of settling your case without first consulting a car accident lawyer.

Excuse #1: You Cannot Afford To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

Many people believe that they cannot afford to hire an accident lawyer because they do not have enough money on hand to cover legal fees. If you have been using this same excuse, you should know that you do not need any money upfront in order to hire a car accident lawyer. This is because accident lawyers do not charge an upfront fee. Instead, they will take their fee out of your settlement funds if they win your case. If they do not win your case, you do not pay for their services. 

Excuse #2: You Will End Up With Less Money If You Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

Another reason people often choose not to contact an accident lawyer is that they believe the legal fees charged by an attorney will ultimately leave them with less money once their claim is settled. While it is true that a portion of your settlement funds will be used to cover legal fees and expenses, it is important to know that this does not necessarily mean you will end up with less money in your pocket. In fact, the majority of accident victims who choose to hire an attorney will walk away with more money even after they pay their legal fees. 

Excuse #3: You Cannot Hire An Accident Lawyer Because The Insurance Company Already Paid You For Your Vehicle Damage

Many people believe that once they accept any funds from the insurance company, they are no longer able to hire an accident lawyer to represent them. While it is true that you only get one chance to collect on an injury claim, it is very important to understand that property damage and injury claims are handled separately after an auto accident. Consequently, choosing to accept payment on your property damage claim in no way voids your rights under your injury claim.

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