Failure To Use A Guard Rail Might Be A Sign Of Negligence During A Truck Accident

With trucking accidents, one of the most common causes of serious injuries is when the motorist is trapped between both the front and rear wheel of the truck. This is usually the result of a side impact with the truck. For example, the truck might be changing lanes and you may become trapped underneath it.

Safety Measures for Side Impacts with Trucks

In many countries, safety measures have been put in place to prevent injuries resulting from side impacts with commercial trucks such as side guards. These are required in other countries but are not required in the United States except in certain locations.

Some states and cities have decided to make guard rails a requirement for commercial trucks. The benefits of guard rails far outweigh the costs and a trucking company that refuses to implement them might be held responsible for accidents that result.

Negligence and Commercial Truck Accidents

An accident with a commercial truck can be horrifying. However, to receive compensation for your injuries, you will need to prove that the other party was negligent and that this negligence led to your accident. For example, if you were speeding and were in a blind spot and the truck driver could not see you when changing lanes, the fact that you were speeding might be used against you.

However, if the driver was distracted when they struck you, this might be used as evidence that the driver was responsible for your accident. This is especially true if the driver has been driving for too many hours or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, you'll need help from a skilled attorney who will be able to gather evidence to prove that the driver was negligent.

Injuries Resulting from an Underride Accident

When you are trapped underneath a commercial truck, you are more likely to suffer from a head injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, and severe internal organ injuries. The injuries you suffer will likely lead to expensive medical bills and you may also find yourself unable to work.

Therefore, you will want to turn to a truck accident attorney who will allow you to calculate the total damages you have suffered as a result of becoming trapped under the truck. If you do not know the full extent of your damages, the commercial insurance provider might make a settlement offer that is much lower than what you deserve.

For more information, contact a truck accident lawyer.

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