When Your Personal Injury Case Never Makes It To Court

It's important to know what you deserve to be paid after you've been hurt in a wreck, but it's also important to understand the easiest way to get that money. Without a doubt, settlements are the way to go if you want to be paid quickly and without any complications. Any time you can avoid bringing the legal system into things, you are saving both time and legal fees, and those are just two of the many benefits available to those who settle outside of court. Read on to find why it's a good thing when your personal injury case never makes it to court.

Demand a Settlement

Did you know that most personal injury cases are not resolved in the courtroom but over the phone by two lawyers negotiating with each other? You too can be paid a settlement, but first, you need to let the other side know what you expect and what you want. That calls for a demand letter. This letter is sent to the at-fault driver's insurance company and lets them know several things:

  1. Why you are not at fault for the accident
  2. What evidence you have to prove the other driver is at fault
  3. What your losses were because of the accident
  4. What evidence you have to prove those losses
  5. The dollar sum you expect to be paid so that you can drop the case

Be aware that insurers will try to get you to accept a settlement that is nowhere near what you should be paid. Don't sign anything or even speak with the other side about the case. Speak to your lawyer instead.

File a Lawsuit

When your personal injury attorney advises you that it's time to file a lawsuit against the other driver, that does not necessarily mean you can't get a settlement. Some insurers test accident victims by holding out for far too long. Keep in mind that you can still settle the accident case even after you've taken legal action.

Discover Convincing Evidence

Sometimes, the other side needs to see more of what they'll be facing in court before they agree to a settlement. The perfect opportunity for doing that is during discovery. During this important trial preparation phase, the case is laid out for both sides to see. Testimony is recorded at the deposition, witness testimony is shared, a list of expert witnesses is revealed, and more. Once discovery actions prove your case, they may be motivated to go back to the negotiations table.

To find out more about how to settle your case, speak to your personal injury lawyer.

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