Foot Injuries After A Truck Accident: The Long Road Ahead

A collision with a large 18-wheeler can easily prove to be fatal. However, even for those victims that are able to move on after the crash, even seemingly minor injuries can have a significant impact, especially when it comes to those that involve the foot. If your foot was crushed, fractured, or otherwise injured during a truck accident, it's important you know what struggles you face ahead. 

Missed Time From Work

You should expect to experience some time away from work as a result of your foot injury. The foot is one of the most important structures of the body in terms of movement. When your foot is immobile, your body is often immobile, in many respects, as well. 

If you work a job that requires you to stand, it's a given that you will be unable to perform your job duties. However, working a job that requires you to sit down all day can also be challenging, especially if you have a fracture that requires you to keep your foot elevated. 

Depending on the circumstances, the driver of the truck will be able to continue earning a living while you can't. Any compensation you seek from the company the driver worked for or their insurance company should include the value of your lost earnings.  

Long-Term Mobility and Lifestyle Challenges

There are certain foot injuries that forever change the course of an individual's life. Take an avid runner whose foot was crushed as a result of a collision with a large truck, for example. Even after their foot heals, it's not uncommon for a person to lose some of their range of motion in the area. 

In this scenario, it might mean that the runner is not able to move at the same speed as they did in the past or that their foot might become fatigued earlier than it did before. As a result, their lifestyle is forever changed. 

In trucking accidents where gross negligence is practiced, such as those involving a driver who lied on their sleep log, not only can the victim include a request for compensation for their injuries, but also the pain and suffering that comes along with no longer being able to engage in an activity that they once enjoyed. 

A person with a foot injury can face a long and challenging road ahead. It's important that they seek compensation for this hardship. Let an attorney assist with the process. 

For more information, contact an 18-wheeler accident attorney.

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