Car Claim Sabotage: How You're Risking Failure

Getting into an accident in your car is uncomfortable, inconvenient and possibly painful. Your strongest feelings after an accident are likely to find a way to hold the other driver responsible. After all, with mounting hospital or physician bills and car repair bills, your financial situation has probably taken a hit. Suing the other person involved in the collision can seem like a chance to recoup those costs. However, if you're undermining your own efforts with these actions, you may end up empty-handed.

1-You're Waiting

A major mishap for many people who have experienced accidents is that they're consumed with physical recovery afterwards. Of course, injuries command your attention and you need to tend to yourself. Just understand that waiting without realizing that time limits are in place is a mistake; when you're fully recovered, that could affect any lawsuit you're considering. Contact attorneys about those time limits and react accordingly.

2-You're Ignoring Police

After the accident, the other driver may have persuaded you to ignore the police and to simply exchange information. You may have agreed, thinking that the police would add a level of seriousness that wasn't necessary. However, you might have soon realized how expensive repairs are. Your doctor may have discovered internal bleeding or another serious health issue. As you reconsider your actions at the scene, you might see how the police could be reliable partners. Their reports about what took place are admissible in court, and the thorough way they conduct investigations will ensure that relevant details aren't skipped over.

Don't feel that it's too late; contacting police now will remain wise.

3-You're Complaining or Bragging on Social Media

Sometimes, the fastest way to torpedo a claim is to use social media posts. Without knowing that insurance companies and attorneys use professional--and sometimes undercover--investigators, you may be unaware that those investigators are looking your profiles with a keen interest in what you're posting. If you're bragging about physical feats at the same time you're claiming the accident hurt you, for instance, that could ultimately be an issue in court. Being mindful is vital. In fact, it could be smart to start locking or deleting your profiles until settlements and judgments are final.

Your poorly-decided actions shouldn't jeopardize your case for compensation and favorable judgments in this situation. Auto accident attorneys should guide you at each turn; their assistance could stop you from mishandling different situations so that lawsuit success is more likely.

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