5 Overlooked Symptoms Of A Head Injury

Head injuries are the most common type of injury to be overlooked after a car accident, which is why so many go unclaimed that unfortunately leave the victim with medical problems that they must take care of on their own. Here are five overlooked symptoms to pay attention to after a car accident:

  1. Neck Pain: Neck pain after a car accident is almost always due to a head injury. However, because this type of pain doesn't usually show up until much later after the car accident, many people associate it with just simple tissue problems in the neck that will eventually go away. This is not usually the case, though, so it's important to address your concern with your doctor as soon as you notice it. 
  2. ​Fatigue: If you are having trouble falling asleep or you are feeling excessively tired during the day, it could be because of a head injury. Many times, it's not noticeable for months after the car accident, so it's important to consider the high possibility that fatigue appearing a few months after a car accident could be directly related to it. 
  3. Forgetfulness: When it comes to a head injury, forgetfulness can sometimes pop up and you will notice it subtly start to become worse. Since it's something that is both subtle and doesn't come up over sometime, it's often overlooked as being something related to the car accident. 
  4. Disorganized: This is more noticeable for people who used to be organized, but now suddenly find themselves disorganized. This is typically associated with the forgetfulness that comes from the head injury. It usually has to do with multitasking becoming a problem, as well. 
  5. Unbalanced: Balance is usually affected when it comes to a head injury, as well. This could be losing your balance when you stand up or even when you attempt to navigate small spaces or stairs. If you notice this, it's important to visit with your doctor, especially if it's also associated with being weak in the knees, dizzy, or nauseous. 

Be sure that you always visit your doctor right after your car accident so that if these issues listed above do pop up in the future, it is going to be much easier to link it to the car accident. Otherwise, it can be more difficult since it can't be shown that you were concerned for your health if you didn't see a doctor until months after the accident. Visit a site like http://www.clearfieldinjurylawyer.com/ for more help.

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