Why You Could Be Blamed For Causing An Auto Accident While Driving Your Motorcycle

While it can be fun to ride a motorcycle, it comes with a risk of getting into a serious accident on the road. A motorcyclist is far more likely to have an accident with a car because cars outnumber motorcycles on the road. While you might think you're not responsible for the accident, you may be surprised to see the driver of a car put the blame on you because of the vehicle you're driving. Here is how someone else may claim you so you take full responsibility.

You Weren't Visible

Part of riding your motorcycle involves taking additional steps that will make drives aware of where you are on the road. You may need to wear reflective clothing, or install additional reflectors on your motorcycle.

The other driver claiming you lacked visibility may be the truth, or it is a way to place blame on who caused the accident. A lawyer can help prove how you were visible at the time of the accident, which will help eliminate this accusation as a reason to blame you.

You Weren't Driving Safely

Motorcycles give the driver some unique mobility that is just not possible with a car. For instance, a motorcycle has the capability to weave in and out of traffic if they wanted to, even though it would be considered illegal.

Be prepared for the other driver to claim that you weren't driving safe at the time of the accident. They may claim you happened to be driving in their blind spot, making abrupt turns, or even speeding. You will most likely have your previous driving behavior looked at to determine if this new behavior is characteristic of you.

One way that you can be prepared to defend your driving is telling an honest and consistent story every time you are asked about it. There will be less room for interpreting the events of what happened when you don't have holes in your story.

You Were Driving Faulty Equipment

A malfunctioning motorcycle puts you more at risk of getting into an accident when something goes wrong. For instance, a flat tire would leave you with one stable to balance on, which will certainly lead to an accident. You'll need to prove your motorcycle wasn't going through any problems at the time, which can place blame back on the other driver.

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