Suing The Driver Of A Freightliner After A Collision

When you are sharing the road with someone who is driving a freightliner, it is a good idea to be extra cautious. However, sometimes you can end up in an accident no matter how cautious you are, such as if the truck driver isn't paying attention to the road. If you are the victim of collision with a truck driver and was left with serious injuries, filing a lawsuit might be worth considering. Think about the type of financial bind that you can get into if you have to pay for the injuries on your own, especially if long-term treatment is needed. This article has a list of steps that you can take to sue the truck driver for the situation he or she has put you in.

Get a Copy of the Accident Report

The accident report is something that will play a role in your ability to sue the other party. You can go to a law enforcement agency to get a copy of the report. Being that you didn't cause the collision, you should consider the report as evidence in building your lawsuit. The great thing about accident reports is that they are written up by law enforcement officers, which improves your credibility in court. However, keep in mind that the other party can contest the report if he or she feels as though you caused the collision to happen.

Obtain Medical Records for the Injuries

Your medical records in regards to the injuries are very important for proving that you deserve to get paid. There are several things that the records can prove, including that your injuries was caused from getting into the collision. The records can also prove that you will need to be treated for a long time due to the severity of the injuries. Any bills that you have paid in regards to getting treated should be gathered as well. All of the evidence will help with deciding how much money you deserve to be compensated in the lawsuit.

Find Out How an Attorney Can Assist

No matter the extent of evidence that you are able to gather on your own, consult with an attorney about your lawsuit. If the other party is represented by an attorney and you are not, it can easily lead to you losing the case. An attorney, like D Chadwick Calvert Law Office, can make sure your evidence is solid enough to win your lawsuit, as he or she will gather more than what you are able to provide.

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