Receiving Compensation For Your Baby's Birth Injury

If you recently gave birth to a low-weight baby due to the insistence of your physician pushing you to get a C-Section earlier than necessary, which led to your child having difficulties with the functioning of one of their organs as a result, you are most likely concerned about their well-being as well as inundated with hospital bills necessary for their care. Proving that you did not require the operation at the time you were told will be difficult, but with assistance from an attorney, you may be able to receive compensation to pay for hospital fees. Here are some steps you can take in trying to prove your doctor made the wrong decision regarding intervention in the birth of your child.

Retain All Documentation Pertaining To Your Pregnancy

It is important to have all physical documentation about your doctor's appointments leading up to your operation to help in proving what stage of pregnancy you were in at any given time. This can include any information showing when you stopped having monthly cycles as well as your routine checkups to check on your baby's growth in utero. This will be analyzed by an attorney to help in showing the Cesarean was performed at a time too early for your baby to be in prime health.

Get Opinions From Other Physicians Regarding The Growth Of Your Baby

Bringing your sonogram photographs to other physicians for an analysis may be helpful in showing that the doctor who performed your surgery was aware of what stage your child had been in at the time of the procedure. They can determine an approximate due date from the photographs provided, helping you to pinpoint an accurate time where a surgery would have been safe for your child. If you did not have a medical emergency necessitating the surgery to be performed, this information can be helpful in proving your doctor was wrong in conducting it at the time they had chosen.

Continue Getting Evaluations From Pediatricians To Determine Growth Levels

Throughout the duration of your attorney's investigative process, it is important to continue to have doctors keep tabs on your baby's growth. Routine checkups of your baby's weight, height, and measurements of the circumference of their head will show growth patterns that can be analyzed to determine how early from term your baby may have been born. Continue to gather documentation from your baby's pediatrician to give to your attorney to help in proving your doctor surgically removed your child too soon, causing their medical difficulties as a result.

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